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As business and investment strategies continually evolve, investment managers are constantly faced with new data sets to process and send to internal and external systems. AlphaFuse™, the premiere data management platform for the investment management industry, manages a wide range of automated data-centric workflows critical to the capital markets landscape. Whether it’s sending your trades to counterparties, centrally maintaining security and reference data, processing corporate actions data or interfacing with market data vendors, AlphaFuse addresses all of your data management needs seamlessly and efficiently.

Improved Data

Connect mission critical
trading, risk and accounting
systems as well as external data
sources and destinations. Monitor critical data streams and workflows in real-time.

Automated Workflow

Automate portfolio or investor-related
workflows such as custodial data
interfaces, market data interfaces,
reference data master connectivity,
corporate actions, SWIFT message
processing, etc.


Data Management

Mitigate risk by ensuring that reference data is centrally managed, accurate and synchronized across your enterprise.

Reduce operational risk and streamline your processes.

24/7 Managed Services & Support

Our global support team acts as an extension of your firm and is always available to assist with questions or setting up new workflows.

Increased Operational Scalability

Future-proof your operations infrastructure. AlphaFuse™ easily scales up or down to fit your processing needs.

Streamlined Client Onboarding

Onboard new clients and investment strategies more quickly with less disruption.

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Use Cases

AlphaFuse™ can be used for integrating any type of portfolio data. Here are a few examples:


Whether your firm is a Fund Administrator or Prime Broker that needs to receive trade data from your clients or an Investment Advisor that needs to send trades to its asset servicers, AlphaFuse's trademarked data processing algorithms make these critical processes simple to manage.

Security Master & Market Data Feeds

AlphaFuse™ provides a single source of the truth for your security and other reference data. Our library of adapters make it easy to connect your critical systems to market data providers like Bloomberg and Refinitiv.

Custodial Data

Leverage our library of established custodial data links while maintaining the ability to add your own specific mapping customizations. These direct links provide your operations team with robust custodial data that is made available as soon as the custodian publishes the file.

Corporate Actions

Streamline the processing of mandatory and elective corporate actions to save time and increase the accuracy of your actions data. AlphaFuse support all SWIFT corporate actions message types as well as data from various market data vendors.

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Key Features

AlphaFuse has various deployment models to fit the specific requirements of your technology and operations teams.

Single Source of the Truth

Publish consistent reference data to your critical systems from one reliable source and reduce errors and operational risks. Centrally monitor all data-centric workflows and easily drill into any errors or warnings.

Plug & Play Adapters

Out of the box integration with Bloomberg, Reuters, Advent Geneva, Moxy, Eze Castle, and other industry leading platforms ensures a quick and seamless transition.

Customizable User Interface

Customize the user interface to forms and data validation integrity checks.

Maker/Checker & Four-Eyes Functionality

Rules-based approval to intelligently process new records and update existing master records.

Customizable Dashboards

Create dashboards specific to your team or role for increased operational transparency and control.

Multi-leg Instrument Support

Multi-leg instrument support for swaps and credit contracts.

Query Via APIs or SQL Views

Robust integration options are supported including API and direct SQL view queries.

Full Audit & Knowledge Date Support

Bi-temporal data model to retain and view the history of who changed data at the field level.

Data Lineage

View the lineage of how data records entered the system, were transformed, and published externally.

Monitor Multiple Statuses

Monitor multiple user-definable statuses or states for each record.

Process & Integrate Multiple Data Formats

Process all common data formats including SWIFT, CSV, Excel, JSON, and XML and integrate to internal and external systems via common communications methods including RestAPI/HTTP, message queues, SQL, and SFTP.

Configurable Validation Rules

Configurable data validation and approval rules to ensure accurate data and effective data governance.

Robust Job Scheduler

Initiate workflows based on any predefined schedule or system event.

ETL Component

Extract Transform Load (ETL) component makes creating new workflows easy.

Distributed, Scale Out Architecture

Architecture is horizontally scalable, recoverable, and highly available.

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