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Portfolio Reconciliation Made Simple

Portfolio Reconciliation

Without current, reconciled portfolio data, investment managers run the risk of trading and reporting on inaccurate information. Since Managers and service providers need to match and reconcile portfolio data from an ever growing list of sources, they need a solution which is both flexible and operationally scalable.

AlphaRec is a cloud deployed reconciliation solution that makes it easy to add new sources and quickly reconcile data ensuring that your firm is making decisions on accurate information.


Speed up your firm's
reconciliation process with granular rules-based mapping and logic.

Adapts To Your

Quickly add or modify


New reconciliations can be
implemented in a matter of hours.

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Use Cases

Position & Transaction Reconciliation

Automate the daily process of reconciling your internal IBOR/ ABOR to your custodians.

Accrued Interest Reconciliation

Quickly identiy inaccurate fixed income accrual calculations.

Tri-Party Reconciliation

Compares internal portfolio data to custodians and fund administrators.

OTC Reconciliation

Reconcile swaps data with your counterparties to ensure that exposures and margin balances are accurate.

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Key Features

Easily Add New Sources

Quickly map new data sources in a matter of minutes with a source file wizard.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Monitor reconciliation exception statistics and easily drill into breaks based on categories and portfolios.

Intuitive Formula-builder

Built for business users to easily update logic with drag and drop mapping features.

Rules-Based Configuration

Configurable rules-based tolerance matching criteria.

Track User Notes & Aging

Users can quickly enter notes and track aging breaks.

24 Hour Support

Get technical support at any hour of the trading day.

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