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Back & Middle Office Outsourcing

A Better Way to Run Investment Operations

Investment Managers are challenged by managing operations staff, maintaining accurate accounting platforms, regulatory reporting, and the myriad of manual and automated processes. This in-house model is often expensive and operationally risky, primarily due to insufficient staff redundancy, a reliance on onshore resourcing, and a constrained capacity to effectively leverage technology for enhanced productivity and customer service. In stark contrast, other investment managers have chosen to delegate their operational technology stack and team members to prominent service providers, offering an all-in-one solution. This entirely outsourced model is frequently associated with high costs, prolonged service response times, and limited flexibility, particularly when the manager seeks services beyond the standard offerings.

InvestOps™ is a robust outsourced investment operations service where AlphaCentrix teams in the US and India perform some or all of your firm's back and middle office tasks. Our US- and India-based team members remotely access your systems, perform the daily work, and provide real-time status updates to your internal operations management. This approach empowers investment managers with control and transparency in overseeing operations, freeing them from the intricacies of day-to-day management. Managers have the flexibility to select the core accounting system and data providers, all while tapping into the advantages offered by a diverse pool of onshore and offshore operations and technology staff.

Team of
Operations Experts

Our international team members boast an average of 8 years of prior operations experience at major banks or fund administrators. Each team member is proficient in handling industry-leading portfolio accounting systems..


Our US and India team members
can handle start-of-day, intraday,
and end-of-day processes.

Hybrid Model

Our hybrid offshore/onshore model
not only achieves significant cost
efficiencies but also ensures robust
operations coverage during the afternoon
and after market hours.

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Key Benefits

Large Scale

Immediate access to the advantages of our scale, with a dedicated team for your firm led by a designated lead and supported by redundant operations and technical staff.

Deep Knowledge Pool

Our team members are seasoned experts in portfolio accounting, proficient in accurately processing various financial products such as MBS & ABS, futures,FX forwards, private equity, private credit, and high-volume statistical arbitrage portfolios.

Global Coverage

Our team in India begins processing custodial data and market data as soon as they become available. This ensures early and accurate reconciliation of your data.


Each dedicated client team is equipped with redundancy, enabling seamless transitions in case of unexpected staff unavailability.

Powerful Technology Tools

Leveraging industry-leading business process automation (BPA), reconciliation, and data management tools, our services come bundled with powerful technology solutions right “out of the box.”


Resources can be easily scaled up or down, adapting to the dynamic requirements of your business

Process & Quality Controls

Daily tasks, including reconciliations, new account creation, and price variance checks, are meticulously tracked in our Professional Service Automation software, subject to daily reviews for completion and data accuracy.


We create and maintain comprehensive documentation for each operational process, ensuring transparency and clarity for each client.

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Use Cases

Start-of-Day Custodial Reconciliation

Our dedicated team in India takes charge of processing any corporate actions, conducting reconciliations between your internal portfolio transactions and positions data with custodians.

Regulatory & Client Reporting

We specialize in the creation and meticulous review of all periodic regulatory reports. Additionally, our team excels in generating GIPS-compliant performance and client reporting.

Post-trade Processing

Entrust us with the management of trade reporting to custodians and brokers, as well as handling the trade confirm/affirm workflows.

New Account & Reference Data Processing

Swift and accurate handling of new accounts and critical reference data is ensured through our automated processes.

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